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Posted on 23rd December 2016

2016 has been a turbulent year for the NHS, with junior doctors’ strikes, funding crisis after funding crisis, rota gaps and prevalent news stories around how the NHS is managed and organised.

There have also been many reports into the failings (mainly…..!) of the NHS and the way it is run, managed and organised as well as funded and utilised. There have also been queries around the long-term future of the NHS, and what form the delivery of health and social care may look like in the future.

There has also been talk, more so than in previous years, that there may be a hint of the political class making a decision to integrate health and social care (which, as we may discuss in a future blog post, has its downfalls and is in no way a silver bullet – look at Northern Ireland where health and social care is already integrated and yet their HSC (the NI equivalent of the NHS) has similar issues to those of mainland Britain).

We thought that at the end of such an exciting year for health and social care that now was the time to give professionals, patients, service users and members of the public a platform for giving their perspective on how public policy should progress with regards to the delivery of health and social care in the United Kingdom.

We decided that the best form that this could take would be a blogging website whereby individuals – professionals, service users, patients and members of the public – could submit articles via the site and give their opinions on how to best reform the NHS in order to provide the highest quality service possible.

We are working on a few (not too many!) rules on what we will accept as blog posts and we will put these on our home page when we have got as few a pithy and relevant ones as possible! We will not, for example, accept rants or articles that do not consider, to at least some extent, alternative perspectives, poorly written articles or posts that are abusive, libellous or offensive. We expect a modicum of common sense to be applied, in summary, with regards to our ‘unwritten’ rules but, for now, there are some do’s and don’ts on the main page of our site to get you going.

We will accept any topic provided it is relevant to health and social care within the NHS. We do not accept that the status quo is acceptable. We want radical (but carefully thought through) ideas that will transform our health and social care services for the benefit of patients (above all, that is the main focus of any reform that is to be suggested on this website).

As well as topics on reform we may also occasionally accept posts that deviate from this theme – such as ethical discussions, experiential pieces by patients or professionals and pieces on health economics.

We hope that you enjoy utilising this website and that you get something out of it! We also encourage you to submit your own pieces for consideration, by visiting the home page of this website and uploading your article as a word document with a covering letter giving a brief overview of what the piece is about.

Thanks for reading!

The Editor

NHS Reform

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