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NHS Reform was established in 2016 to give a voice to
doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare assistants
and other professionals working on the front line
(as well as patients!) a voice in policy formation.

Where we stand

NHS Reform is free of charge to view and submit posts to and all are welcome to submit posts for consideration of publication on the site. We aim to cover not only health and social care policy but also ethical issues around the NHS, health economics, and personal stories about the NHS that people wish to share with the world.

Posts may be made anonymously on this site and this will be our default position when uploading posts to the site, with the name of a poster only being posted with a blog article upon request.

If you would like to send us a blog article for submission, please click the ‘contact’ menu item, fill in your email address and details and upload your article as a word document.

We do not believe the status quo of the current structure and delivery of health and social care in the United Kingdom in the form of the NHS is sustainable in the long term, and believe that reform is required in order to allow the NHS to continue delivering services free at the point of use to service users and patients.

What shape this reform might take be is where the content of this website’s blog posts aims to come in.  

Other than the simple belief that the NHS needs reform we do not take a stand point on any other issue within health and social care policy. Whilst our blog posts may take the perspective of the right on the political spectrum on one issue, there may be a completely contrary article from the left on the same issue within weeks of each other.

Indeed, someone may see the original article from the right, completely disagree and write an article contradicting the right’s perspective! This is the wonderful thing about the site – it gets a conversation going about much needed reform in the NHS from those who may not have any policy experience, knowledge or power within the system to change things.

Hints and Tips

We can only submit to the blog a certain quality of blog entry, regardless of content. We also will only upload a proportion of the blog entries we receive. Whilst we try and make minimal changes to blog entries that are uploaded to the site, sometimes for editorial purposes and for ease of reading we may make small amendments from time to time.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for submitting your blog entries


Don’t waffle in your blog, pick a topic and stick to it!

Be yourself
‘Talk’ in an informal tone, as if you were talking to your friends, that way it’s less like a newspaper article and more like a blog entry

Use Links
Give your readers somewhere else to look as well as your blog posts – reinforce your points with evidence or contrary opinions. Also don’t forget to reference!

Respond to comments
This is a great way of getting a debate going – the whole point of a blog! So when someone comments on your blog in either a negative or positive way respond to them – but keep it clean and professional!

Post to social media
Use your own social media accounts to promote your entry once it’s on our site! We will use our own social media accounts to promote your entry so you can help with your own promotion in the same way.


Set unrealistic goals
Don’t tell us you can give us a blog entry every week when you realistically won’t have the time to do that! You’ll disappoint your fans!

Limit your word count
We recommend about 500 words minimum for a blog entry, but longer or shorter is fine – be pithy and get your point across! But also, keep your paragraphs short!

Make grammar mistakes
We will try and correct as many as we can before we submit the blog but we can’t promise we’ll get them all!

Be negative
Be positive, inspirational and supportive – we want positive reform for the ‘religion of the English’ as it has been called so keep it ‘above the line’

Avoid trying new things
Explore different writing styles, adding in some infographics or images and allowing your style to evolve over time if you want to be a serial blog-post submitter!

Thanks to writersdigest.com for these excellent (and slightly modified) hints and tips!


About Us

NHS Reform was started by a Junior Doctor, who in 2016 saw that the doctors who were going on strike over their new contracts were passionate believers in the NHS and its principles but who believed that they were utilising the incorrect vehicle to make a wider point about the need to ‘save our NHS’. He believed that in order to save our NHS we needed to stop professionals from ‘saving’ it through divisive and damaging strike action and instead start a wider, calmer debate with the public about how health and social care should be delivered in the future.

He decided to create a ‘free at the point of use’ blogging website, open to all to post anonymously by default in order to start a debate about the required changes to the NHS in the UK.

The idea behind NHS Reform is that professionals, patients and service users are involved in sharing experiences, ideas and knowledge in order that we, as a community of online bloggers, can better understand the reform that is needed in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients and service users. By debating on this site it is hoped that we are able to develop ideas going forward that are acceptable to the public and professionals at large and give those who have the power to make policy decisions are driven by what is acceptable to those audiences.

At NHS Reform, we hope that you enjoy reading and submitting posts to the blog!


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